They Happen In A Moment

June 2, 2008


Dad, used to go to work and leave us kids at home.  I really can’t remember what it was he did most of my life.  I do remember him working in a gold plating business.  We’d go to his work in the evenings with him sometime.  He’d buy hot chocolate or noodle soup from the vending machine, as a treat. 

Then one day, all of that came to a screeching halt.  He no longer took us to his job.  Mom disappeared, she didn’t want us, was what he told us then.   So, we lived with his sister and her family.  I took it as an adventure, I was only 6 or 7 years old. 

One day, he came home and moved us into an apartment of our own.  It was on Margaret Street, in Downey, CA.   It was the 4th apartment from the street.

 My dad wouldn’t be home alot of the times when we woke in the morning.  My brother and I would have to make sure that our little sister was up and ready for school.  We’d all walk together.  Drop my little sister off first, she must have been in kindergarten.  Then I separate from my brother and go to school, he’d go to class, I’m assuming.  Then at the end of the day we would all meet up and walk home.   I never new it was anything different from the way alot of the other kids grew up.  I didn’t find that out for years.  

Anyways, we’d get back home, change clothes and go outside to play. 

 It’s funny now, well not really funny, just strange to think we lived our lives separate from my dad’s.  We had to basically fend for ourselves.  

We’d take turns taking baths.  My brother would go first while I watched my sister.  Then I’d go next.  I remember my brother telling me one time to make sure I scrubbed hard, and if I didn’t have soap suds on my skin, I wasn’t clean. 

 What did he know, he was merely 2 years older than myself.  

Then my little sister would be bathed by me.  ‘Mama’ she would call me. (My sister is only 1 year younger than myself) 

One night my sister was crying because she was hungry.  We didn’t have anything to eat so my brother left us at home, and went in search for food.  It was a long night, but finally he returned. He had lots of food. Where did you get this we asked. He said a nice man at a restarant gave us food.  (Later, after my sister fell asleep, my brother confided in me and told me he found the food in a dumpster, behind a Sambo’s restaurant.) 

Needless to say we all got food poisoning. 

My dad was upset that my brother would feed us trash, but it wasn’t his fault.

So, upon that happening, my dad went into a search for my mom.

***The saga continues…….





May 30, 2008

Yesterdays Memories

Yesterdays memories are memories I have from long ago up until yesterday,

thus the name.  

I have spent many hours in my life looking at pictures and reliving the moment.

My first doll when I was 4 years old.

My brother, the eldest , playing in his ‘big wheel’ still in pajamas

 one Christmas morning.

My ‘little’ sister, in a stroller, covering her head so that I can’t pull her ponytails.

(I can still hear my dad’s voice, ‘Why is Lisa crying?  You better not be pulling your sister’s hair!  (I lied–‘”I’m not’“…..Later to hear the same ‘lie’ from my own childrens mouths.   Funny how that happens.)

I remember the day a man brought a small pony to our home.  He asked my mom if she would like to have each of our pictures taken on the horse, in a little red vest and a cowboy hat.  No, the horse wasn’t wearing those, we would get to if mom said yes.  I can’t recall what she said, but it must have been yes.  (Some kids nowadays would probably scoff at the idea.  Funny how times/people of changed)  Anyhow, back to my memories.   So my mom agrees, and my brother get’s to go first.  (Back in those days it was boys first, then the girls, and as we got older it was; the oldest first, than me, then the ‘baby’.   How dumb was that.)

 I was so excited for my brother  I couldn’t wait my turn. (No I didn’t pull the pony’s tail, when my brother was on it….Hmmm, I wonder if I thought it?)  Ok..ok.seriously now, back to the story.   I remember thinking how cute I must have looked.  I wonder now if that has anything to do with me wearing cowboy/cowgirl hats, and red nowadays..Although I haven’t worn a cowboy hat in years.    Oops, sorry, off on ‘another’ tangent.    Now, when my little sister, the ‘baby’ got to have her picture taken i don’t remember a thing.    (Maybe that’s when I pulled the pony’s escapes me…I have no memory of that moment…Perhaps my mom hit me upside the head and knocked the thought clear outta my head.  (I’ll get back to you on that..I’ll have to ask Mom about that).   

So, do you see where I am going with this blog?


Come share your own, I can’t wait!!




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